CA Inter Accounts

Ca inter Accounts

All of us are aware that CA exam is one of the toughest exams in our country. It requires complete dedication from its students. It is expected from a CA student to be fully aware about the content of CA exam. He/She should also remain updated with contemporary notifications relevant to their exam attempt. During exam preparation, the candidate must go through the current ICAI study material. Duration of articleship or training is the pivotal point of CA curriculum. CA inter accounts involves the study of accounting at the Intermediate level, that is, while giving the CA Intermediate exam. It is advised to all CA students to utilize the training period effectively, because this time frame will decide your future in CA exam as well as when you become a Chartered Accountant (CA). In this time period, you will get the opportunity of maximum exposure to practical issues in the guidance of  your CA trainer. 

When you enroll yourself for CA, you will get your necessary study material. Start going through this study material along with books of other authors. Remain in touch with your study material regularly as it will help you a lot in your practical training. CA inter accounts is one of the many papers of the CA Intermediate exam. CA students ought to finish all their curriculum well in time. They should spend atleast two months on simply revising whatever they have studied till that time. For all CA students, time is crucial, so they should utilize time to their advantage. The ICAI issues revision papers along with answers before each attempt. Students should practice these revision papers after completion of their curriculum as per exam condition. They should try to solve the complete paper in two and a half hours. CA inter accounts is a scoring subject if prepared thoroughly. 

After completing the revision paper, compare your answers with those given by the revision paper solution. This process needs complete attention from your side, since you have to point out the differences in answers written by you and what ICAI expects from you. This will also help you in knowing the reason why most students fail in the CA exam. Students should carefully practice previous three to five year question papers of each subject and compare those answers with that of ICAI suggested answers. With this practice, you will also be able to determine the cause why there is a difference between your expected marks and marks given by ICAI. You can easily score high on the subject of CA inter accounts, but there is a need for proper planning and guidance guidance to score such. Candidates should use proper handwriting, so that the answers written are readable by the examiner. If the examiner will not be able to read your answers properly, it is very much likely that you will not get good marks. You can buy the ICAI study material or either refer some reference book to study for the CA inter accounts exam.