Best Results For CA Foundation

Best Results For Ca Foundation

Chartered Accountancy course is the most reputed course in the commerce section. Every student who register themselves for this course aim to become a successful Chartered Accountant and the journey starts with CA Foundation. If you dream big from the beginning, you will definitely achieve something praiseworthy. The journey is not so easy in the CA course. If you want to score high marks in the CA Foundation exam, then you really need to work hard. The entrance level of CPT is replaced by CA Foundation. Earlier, CPT was considered much easy as compared to the remaining levels in the CA course. In order to fill up this gap, an initiative has been taken by ICAI by introducing CA Foundation instead of CPT. CA new syllabus has been made known at every level, but the biggest impact could be seen on the entrance level of CA Foundation. AVJ Knowledge Academy has a history of producing the best results for CA Foundation. 

CPT was an objective-based entrance test of 200 marks. But the introduction of CA Foundation brought many changes in the paper pattern along with the syllabus. In the CA Foundation course, two papers will be subjective while the other two will be objective. Adding to that, two new subjects were introduced in the CA Foundation syllabus. AVJ Knowledge Academy will give you a wonderful strategy to obtain the best results for CA Foundation. First of all, learn to divide your time between two subjects. Do not keep studying only one subject during the whole day. Try to cover atleast two subjects. It will augment your coverage on the syllabus which you can cover in the meanwhile. If you keep studying only one subject for the whole day, it will be a little boring. So, you should read two subjects during a day and try to maintain one theory with one practical. 

Hard work is mandatory to achieve the best results for CA Foundation. CA Foundation is very much alike your 11th and 12th standard. So, don't be overconfident that you will require a revision only to clear this exam. Because there are some newly introduced subjects such as Corporate Laws which you might have never gone through. You need to read these newly introduced subjects thoroughly. If you think that Accounts or Maths is your stronger area and you can easily cover this, then don't waste your time. You can augment your percentage in these subjects. Prepare well to get the best results for CA Foundation. The CA exam papers are always lengthy, so you should know how to use a calculator for calculation purpose. ICAI doesn't want you to do calculations by hand. It doesn't want you to waste your valuable time in such labour work. The material provided by the ICAI is the best study material to study for the CA exams. But most of the students do not seem comfortable with the ICAI material. In such a case, you should not refer more than one teacher's book. Studying from one book will help you in getting the best results for CA Foundation.